The psychology of our lasting love

The Psychology of Love, Sex, Orgasms and more

On the 8th of August my partner and I celebrated our fifteen year anniversary. We had planned to drive over to Blackpool for a weekend away once my partner had finished work. Whilst I waited for his shift to end I began to discuss with one of his colleagues ‘how difficult it was not to rush over and give him a big hug and kiss’, I told her that ‘he was my best friend and that I had missed him all day, that I had felt anxious and had a strong desire to be in physical contact with him, despite only seeing him that morning’. She said ‘wow, it is very rare to still have those feelings after so long together’. During the long drive to our weekend retreat I began to ponder her words: What was the secret to our lasting and…

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About psych2204

Training to be a mental health nurse hoping to specialising in CBT and Psychosexual Therapy. I have a massive personal interest in the evolution and neuroscience of orgasms, sex and romantic love.

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